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@Steve Mason

Hey Steve, if you actually stumbled across this page then this is for you. I got into the archive more by accident then anything else. Initially I was looking for a place to store all old playlists at. Then, one thing lead to the next and people where sending me playlists constantly. If I start something I always want to finish it properly ... and that is what you see now: 500 pages of content and 750 recordings on mixcloud.

Why am I writing you all this? Because I would like you to participate in all of this. This archive is not only about the music you played, it is also about you as a person. Maybe there is some wisdom you want to share? Maybe you have written a book and you want to share it? Maybe you want to advertise your next gig here?

Dont be afraid. I am just your regular software engineer that happened to love your show in his teens, and somehow ended up running this site. Feel free to drop me a line.

Cheers Lars


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